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Simple and luxurious - our Classic range will effortlessly enhance your room They are a great way to finish the walls in your home to add a modern and stylish touch.  We offer a wide selection of Classic upholstered panels,  which you can arrange any way you want.

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Riviera is High-quality velour fabric. Its subtle appearance makes it perfect for classic and elegant decor. The fabric is soft to the touch with a delicate appearance, with a slight velvet shine under the light.
It is available in a wide range of colours from earthy tones to a pop of colour


Nubuk upholstery fabric is a  suede like material - resistant to abrasion, pilling, tearing and the effects of light. Soft to the touch with a noticeable fluff, which slightly shades depending on the hair position. Cleaning is done with the use of gentle upholstered furniture care products. 


Matt Velvet

This Fabric is thick velour with a high grammage of 430 g / m2. Matt Velvet is one of the few matte and non-shading velours (the fabric minimally shades, which means that it limits the streaks after dragging the hand over the surface to a high degree), it also has a high resistance to pilling. The matt colours and fluffiness of the fabric make the material widely used, it will work in many arrangements.It also has high abrasion resistance and properties that prevent the absorption of liquids.The surface of Matt Velvet is easy to clean, including a pen or spilled wine.


A leather-like fabric with an interesting and modern pattern,  soft leather-like fabric. Furniture fabric easy to clean, very resistant to abrasion, imitation leather - matte finish, resistant to scratches and puffs - from the bottom, the fabric is knitted with a fleece. 


Jasmine fabric is abrasion resistant, very strong, super soft and available in a natural range of colours. It’s plush, therefore the fabric “combs with the hair and is pleasant to the touch. All these features make it universal in terms of arrangement.