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How to install panels using adhesive

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Installing your wall panels

Installation of upholstered panels is a quick and simple process which you don't need any professional equipment for. 

Please note: While our wall panels are easy to install yourself - we also offer an installation service. If you would like us to install your wall panels and request a quote - please email:


1. Wall preparation
Before starting the installation of upholstered panels, make sure that the wall is clean. Of course, it does not have to be in perfect condition, but there should be no greasy stains, for example, as this may prevent the adhesive or Velcro tapes from sticking properly. So if the wall is very dirty,  wash it and wait until it is completely dry. Repair and Large gaps/holes or cracks in the wall surface . Minor damage or dirt shouldn't be a problem. Before starting the installation, it is also a good idea to mark with a pencil on the wall the area where the decorative elements are to be applied on the wall.



2. Preparing the panels
Before glueing the panels, it is worth placing them on the floor in the exact arrangement in which they are to be placed on the wall. Check if the back surface of the panels are clean and you can easily apply glue or tape to.



3. Installation of panels

Using Glue: 
First, apply glue to the back of the panels. It is best to do this in 5 places - all 4 corners and in the middle. Avoid getting any glue in the front surface of the panels. Be sure to wear protective gloves to avoid contact of the adhesive with the skin, as the chemicals contained in it can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Next place the panel against the wall and press it firmly for a moment. Repeat for remaining Panels. 




Using Velcro:

How much Velcro will you need? 

You will need 1 order of Velcro per Panel. Eg) if you are ordering 9 Wall Panels you will need to add x9 Velcro Strips to your order ( regardless of Panel size. )

Velcro will be added to the back of your  wall panels for easy installation once added to order. 

Using Velcro to install Panels can be a very practical solution and is perfect to use if you need something that is not permanent. 

Stick the cut pieces on the panel in 4-5 places.  If you have added Velcro strips to your order - we will have this done for you.

Tear off the protective paper and attach the panel firmly to the wall. Place the panel against the wall and press it firmly to make sure that the element sticks well. 

When choosing upholstered panels, it is important to consider taste and budget - but also Quality.  Our panels are carefully finished, made of non-toxic materials and have a water-repellent surface for easy cleaning. Such panels are nice, durable and resistant to dirt, and even if there is a stain on them, it can easily remove it with a sponge moistened with water and ordinary grey soap or other mild detergent.

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