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Mounting Adhesive

Mounting Adhesive

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We recommend One tube of Mounting Adhesive which will cover most Wall Panel installation areas

The best, most durable and reliable  method of installing upholstered panels . Used for large panel surfaces, in hallways, recess seats and at walls where Velcro cannot be used. We only sell high-quality adhesives with a strong initial force and immediate adhesion.

There is also an OPTION TO CONNECT THE METHOD OF INSTALLING UPHOLSTERED PANELS BY USING ADHESIVE TOGETHER WITH VELCRO . Thanks to this combination, the assembly of the panels is easy, and the elements themselves are fixed stably and regardless of the direction of laying, without initial support and without waiting for drying


Mounting adhesive Mamut Glue flexible, capacity 290ml.

Mamut Glue is a quick-drying mounting adhesive for everything. It is reliable for both smooth and porous surfaces. Thanks to it, you will forget about mounting heavy elements with nails, screws or dowels. Suitable materials such as: metal, stone, cork, wood, clinker, PVC

Our Panels

How our Panels are made

All our Cushywall Upholstered Wall Panels are hand made by us here in Ireland, so great quality is assured!

FURNITURE BOARD :  A board about 6-7 mm thick, made of very fine wood fibers, pressed under high pressure and high temperature. Thanks to its parameters, the panel is rigid and durable and has good thermal and acoustic insulation. Its light weight makes it easy to mount on the wall.

UPHOLSTERY FOAM : High-quality antiallergic foam, with the PZH®  Hygienic Certificate (It is an assessment of a given product / product in terms of its safety for people and / or product safety for the environment). The properties of upholstery foam are: high sound absorption coefficient, good thermal insulation, elasticity and low weight.


We carefully work on every detail, we strive to ensure that the final product is as well- designed as possible.

Our brand focuses primarily on quality and safety. We use the highest quality materials that have OeKo Tex Standard 100 certificates, are environmentally friendly, 100% safe for children and the foam we use have a Hygienic Certificate and are anti-allergic.


What We Offer

Our products are carefully Hand-made, modular upholstered panels that will be used in your home. They are perfect both as a headrest and a side wall protector at a toddler's bed or a reading corner

DIY Installation

Installation of upholstered panels is a quick and simple process which you don't need any professional equipment for. 

Please note: While our wall panels are easy to install yourself - we also offer an installation service. If you would like us to install your wall panels and request a quote - please email:


1. Wall preparation
Before starting the installation of upholstered panels, make sure that the wall is clean. Of course, it does not have to be in perfect condition, but there should be no greasy stains, for example, as this may prevent the adhesive or Velcro tapes from sticking properly. So if the wall is very dirty,  wash it and wait until it is completely dry. Repair and Large gaps/holes or cracks in the wall surface . Minor damage or dirt shouldn't be a problem. Before starting the installation, it is also a good idea to mark with a pencil on the wall the area where the decorative elements are to be applied on the wall.



2. Preparing the panels
Before glueing the panels, it is worth placing them on the floor in the exact arrangement in which they are to be placed on the wall. Check if the back surface of the panels are clean and you can easily apply glue or tape to.



3. Installation of panels

Using Glue: 
First, apply glue to the back of the panels. It is best to do this in 5 places - all 4 corners and in the middle. Avoid getting any glue in the front surface of the panels. Be sure to wear protective gloves to avoid contact of the adhesive with the skin, as the chemicals contained in it can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Next place the panel against the wall and press it firmly for a moment. Repeat for remaining Panels. 




Using Velcro:

How much Velcro will you need? 

You will need 1 order of Velcro per Panel. Eg) if you are ordering 9 Wall Panels you will need to add x9 Velcro Strips to your order ( regardless of Panel size. )

Velcro will be added to the back of your  wall panels for easy installation once added to order. 

Using Velcro to install Panels can be a very practical solution and is perfect to use if you need something that is not permanent. 

Stick the cut pieces on the panel in 4-5 places.  If you have added Velcro strips to your order - we will have this done for you.

Tear off the protective paper and attach the panel firmly to the wall. Place the panel against the wall and press it firmly to make sure that the element sticks well. 

When choosing upholstered panels, it is important to consider taste and budget - but also Quality.  Our panels are carefully finished, made of non-toxic materials and have a water-repellent surface for easy cleaning. Such panels are nice, durable and resistant to dirt, and even if there is a stain on them, it can easily remove it with a sponge moistened with water and ordinary grey soap or other mild detergent.

Shipping & Returns


All products are made to order. Once orders are fulfilled delivery is 5 to 15 working days. 

Orders are delivered by courier companies - the delivery time depends on the carrier, the type of shipment and the recipient's address. It usually takes up to 5 business days (for domestic shipments).

In the case of foreign shipments, the time and cost of transport are priced individually.

If you have questions regarding your order, please call us on 087 7905486 or email



In order to make a complaint or request product return, please email And include the following information: 

  • Order Number
  • Name & Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of product
  • Description of Complaint/ Reason for return




1. At Cushywall we have a 14-day return period for the product. In order to withdraw from the contract and return the product purchased, please get in touch with in the 14-day return period


 Include all received accessories and a receipt or invoice with the package with the statement and the returned goods,. The right of return does not apply to non-prefabricated goods, i.e. goods manufactured according to the customer's specification or serving to satisfy individual needs.

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    Our panels are handmade with extra attention to quality. Cushywall panels are crafted with the highest quality materials that are environmentally friendly, 100% safe for children, with anti-allergic foam.

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Hexagon wall panels in child's bedroom

Our Panels

Our brand focuses primarily on quality and safety. Our products are carefully Hand-Made, with the highest quality materials that have OeKo Tex Standard 100 certificates, are environmentally friendly, 100% safe for children and the foam we use have a Hygienic Certificate and are anti-allergic.